Contrary to media hype, it's highly doubtful that remote areas will ever see the installation of ADSL

It's now possible to serve your community, however remote, with broadband access.

BreezeACCESS Family Overview

BreezeACCESS for Internet-age Wireless Access
The BreezeACCESS IP Broadband Wireless Access system is a high-performance, competitively priced alternative to wire access networks including ISDN, ADSL and cable modems. BreezeACCESS allows Service Providers to enjoy the benefits of quick deployment along with immediate revenues.

The BreezeACCESS architecture is optimized to support high speed wireless IP services including fast data access and telephony. Modularity and scalability allow for low up front investment, pay as you grow deployment and excellent cash flow performance.

Fast Data Access up to 3 Mbps
BreezeACCESS enables Service Providers to offer high-speed wireless IP connectivity services supporting burst data rates of up to 3Mbps per subscriber.

Services include Internet access, VLAN, VPN and VoIP, enabling subscribers to fully exploit the benefits of a wide range of multimedia applications.

Optimized for Wireless IP Services
BreezeACCESS employs wireless packet switching technology, significantly more appropriate for IP services than traditional circuit switching technology. Statistical multiplexing over the air maximizes the number of subscribers per cell. Flexible bandwidth allocation facilitates traffic shaping while providing always on network connectivity for immediate access to IP services.

Exceptional Radio Coverage Range and Capacity
BreezeACCESS incorporates a field proven radio technology to deliver reliable wireless connectivity over large coverage areas, serving subscribers located up to 15km (9mi) from the base station.

Supporting cellular topology with multiple sectors per cell and employing frequency hopping for improved multi-path and interference resistance, BreezeACCESS delivers unparalleled capacity.

Service Oriented Capabilities
BreezeACCESS enables Service Providers to employ differentiation strategies by offering their customers multiple subscription plans to support various service options.

  • Committed Information Rate (CIR), Maximum Information Rate (MIR) per subscriber.
  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) for tele-working and remote access.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) for prioritizing voice traffic over data packets.
  • Toll Quality Telephony based on the H.323 Voice over IP protocol.

Low Entry Cost, Demand Based Buildout, Fast Return on Investment
Exceptionally low startup costs and quick roll-out, allow Service Providers to achieve fast penetration and immediate revenues. Once the wireless infrastructure is in place, the modular design allows for scalable and incremental growth.
Excellent deployment economics, as well as the use of standard IP based networking and management components, ensure fast return on investment.

Comprehensive Network Planning and Management
To facilitate network deployment, a network design tool is available, providing radio planning and capacity calculations. Once in place, the BreezeACCESS system may be managed remotely using SNMP protocol and standard and proprietary MIBs, featuring configuration functionality and alarm and statistic reports. In addition, a graphical interface management application running over either HPOV or SNMPc enables easy and efficient operation.

License Free and Licensed Operation
The BreezeACCESS family contains 3 product lines, satisfying the requirements for license and license free radio operation worldwide:

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