There are several things you can do to increase your wireless network security.

Check out the list below. If in doubt, contact us.

  • NEVER use the default password on the Access Point (AP) - nearly all scanning software can expose the default password

  • If possible, use a directional antennae to prevent unnecessary spreading of the signal. This also reduces "noise" so you are not interfering with other WLANs.

  • If possible, always used the MAC address facility, and only allow MAC addresses you have verified.

  • set your Service Set Identifier, or SSID, to something other than its factory default (don't make it easy to guess, either). Better still, don't broadcast your SSID at all. You can turn SSID broadcasting off using the vendor's installation or utility software.

  • Use wired equivalent privacy (WEP) - Although not completely secure, it creates a barrier. A powerful computer will crack 64 bit WEP in seconds - 128 bit will take considerably longer.

  • All systems using WiFi (wireless protocol) should have a personal firewall installed.

  • Give the WLAN a separate network name or use a firewalled interface. Treat the WLAN as the semi-untrusted network

  • If possible, disable your access point's Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. Leaving it on will give hackers and wardrivers not only access to the internet, but also give them a trusted IP address within your network. If you rely on DHCP for your own network - make sure you are using 128 bit WEP.

  •  Use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and VPN authenticated sessions that protect the administrator password when administering the wireless network.

  • Regularly audit your WLAN. Look for unauthorized wireless cards and access points. If in doubt, contact us - we will arrange an audit.

  • Acquire a scanning tool, and check your WLAN frequently. You are looking for unathorized access points, and are, in fact, attempting to hack your system. Never relax on this - even if you can't get in, perhaps someone can tomorrow.. If you need this service performed for you, contact us.

  • Maintain audit logs and check them frequently - you are looking for unauthorised access and possible abuse of the network.

  • If in doubt, call us.

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